Mommy makeovers have become quite popular in recent years. Mommy makeovers can be ideal for patients who wish to address numerous issues at one time. Mommy makeovers can save time and money and they deliver fabulous, dramatic results. Here are things to know if you are considering a mommy makeover.

1. Each Mommy Makeover Is Unique

There is no one standard way to do a mommy makeover. Each patient has different needs, goals, and issues to work on. Some factors that change a person’s body can include weight fluctuation, the natural aging process, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or menopause.

Lifestyle and genetic factors change people’s bodies. For example, aging may make the skin thinner and less elastic. Pregnancy or weight gain may stretch the skin. Weight loss may leave excess skin. Breastfeeding may cause sagging and loss of volume in the breasts. All of these things are taken into account to ensure that each mommy makeover will be perfectly tailored to the individual patient.

2. The Abdomen And Breasts Are Often Included

Becoming a mother is beautiful, but it impacts the body. Mommy makeovers usually include a form of breast surgery and a form of abdominal surgery to address these changes. Some procedures that might be included are:

The overall goal of a mommy makeover is to give patients a look they love. This is done by a combination of procedures that may remove excess fat or skin, restore breast shape or volume, and other improvements.

3. Breast Augmentation Or Breast Lift?

Surgery of the breasts is often integral to a mommy makeover. It’s important to choose the right option. For women who’ve experienced pregnancy and breastfeeding, the skin may be stretched. Adding an implant to restore volume with sagging skin may cause issues later. A qualified surgeon will help decide whether breast augmentation is suitable or if a patient should choose a breast lift to be rid of excess, sagging skin first.

4. A Fully Tummy Tuck Is Usually Required

Often, patients who’ve had children or had significant weight fluctuations will need a full tummy tuck. The mini tummy tuck procedure is more optimal for those individuals who only have loose skin under the belly button.

5. Prepare For Recovery

A mommy makeover is pretty invasive. It’s important to be ready for recovery. There will be movement and lifting restrictions for a while afterward. It is prudent for patients to set up child and pet care if needed. Planning and prepping meals is also a great idea. Being proactive will help make the healing process smoother.

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There are many plastic surgery procedures out there, such as the mommy makeover, that are designed to address a women’s body post-pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is a lot of stigma surrounding plastic surgery. Many mothers feel guilty or worry about the example they set for their children by investing in it. However, being a mother might make you the most deserving candidate for plastic surgery.

You’ve Made Sacrifices

Pregnancy means giving up your body for nine months, or longer if you choose to breastfeed. During that time, there are strict rules for what you can or can’t eat and drink. There are physical limitations as your baby grows and your belly expands. The pain of childbirth might be the greatest sacrifice of all. Afterwards, you can be left with stubborn fat, sagging skin, and changes to your breasts that weren’t there before, causing you to be uncomfortable or unhappy in your own body.   After making so many sacrifices and giving up your body to have a child, it should be your turn to invest in yourself and your happiness.

Be the Best you

There is no doubt that children learn not just from our actions, but also from our mood and behavior, an often unspoken and unrecognized part of child development.  We don’t want to send a message to our children that might make them think they have to change themselves to be beautiful, however, plastic surgery isn’t about “having to change.” Plastic surgery should be done to assist you in becoming the best you by boosting your confidence and self-esteem so you can live life to the fullest. It is important to make investments in yourself so that you can lead a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, and this is something your children can learn from you and will pick up not just on your actions, but your demeanor, mood and outlook on life.  If you are depressed and unhappy with your body, your children will also learn that they should be critical and unhappy with their own bodies.  There should be no shame in taking proactive steps to restore self-confidence and pride in your body.

But is it Safe?

Nothing strikes fear in a parent’s heart more than the thought of losing a child, but running a close second is the thought of leaving a child without a parent.  In addition to the concern of selfishness for having done something for themselves, one of the most common concerns expressed by women considering a mommy makeover is “What if something happens to me?  What will happen to my children?”.   Having a fear of surgery is completely normal, natural, and, frankly, healthy.  No one should proceed with surgery without being fully informed about the associated risks and comfortable making that choice.  However, the risk of an adverse event that can be life threatening due to surgery or anesthesia is extremely small.  While no surgery is without risk and no guarantees can be made, it is important for perspective to understand that women have statistically a much higher chance of being seriously injured in a car accident than having a mortal risk from surgery.

If you’re ready to start investing in yourself with the gift of plastic surgery, contact us today! We can give you more information on the procedures we offer as well as schedule your consultation with Dr. Sweat or his Patient Care Consultant.

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