What is BioTE®?

BioTE® is a bioidentical hormone therapy option. BioTE® allows patients to optimize their hormone levels and find consistent relief from symptoms without requiring injections, creams, or remembering to take medication daily. It is a suitable option for both men and women, particularly those who face symptoms of hormone fluctuation or imbalance that commonly occurs with aging.

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How Does BioTE® Work?

BioTE® is a form of pellet therapy. This means that pellets containing hormones are placed below the skin to consistently deliver hormones to the body. These hormones are bioidentical, meaning that the body cannot distinguish a difference between natural hormones and the hormones delivered by BioTE®, making the treatment highly effective.

Who is a Candidate for BioTE®?

BioTE® bioidentical hormone therapy is especially beneficial for patients dealing with symptoms of hormonal imbalance due to the natural aging process.

Through menopause, women experience symptoms including fatigue, mood swings, trouble sleeping, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and more. This is due to significant hormone fluctuation; in particular, low testosterone levels can contribute to these issues. Patients who are experiencing these menopause symptoms can often benefit from BioTE®.

Men also experience declining testosterone levels as they age, resulting in fatigue, weight gain, moodiness, and even decreasing muscle strength. Treatment with BioTE® can help these patients feel energetic and youthful again.

What is the BioTE® Procedure Like?

Before you undergo BioTE® pellet therapy, Dr. Sweat will ask you to complete a blood test to review your hormone levels. The appropriate treatment can then be selected to relieve your symptoms.

BioTE® pellets are typically inserted just below the skin of the upper buttocks. The area is first numbed so a small incision is made. The hormone pellet can then be inserted into the incision, and the area is then covered with a small bandage. Once in place, the body will develop capillaries around the pellet, which then delivers the hormones directly to the bloodstream within about 24 hours. At this point, you will experience consistent relief through bioidentical hormone therapy. Once the pellet has been completely absorbed, a new one can be inserted as necessary.

How Long Do BioTE® Pellets Last?

Pellets will eventually dissolve and safely be absorbed by the body over time, meaning that patients will need to have new BioTE® pellets inserted to continue symptom relief. How frequently you require new BioTE® pellets depends on your specific symptoms and needs as well as factors including your age, activity, and stress level. Dr. Sweat can make a recommended treatment plan for you during a consultation.

On average, BioTE® pellets will last about 3-4 months for women and 4-5 months for men.

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