What is Pro-Nox™?

Pro-Nox is an FDA-cleared analgesia gas system that delivers a 50/50 mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide (similar to laughing gas). But the system offers more than just pain relief. While it can effectively ease pain, it can also provide anxiety relief and ensure patients are calm and comfortable during their treatment process. A lot of invasive procedures do not require the use of general or local anesthesia but can be uncomfortable for patients. Those who want the benefits of certain treatments without the discomfort can benefit from the fast-acting Pro-Nox system.

What are the Benefits of Pro-Nox?

There are many benefits to receiving the Pro-Nox aesthetic system prior to cosmetic treatment. The system works in just seconds after being inhaled, and its effects wear off quickly, so you won’t experience that pro-longed groggy feeling like you would after general anesthesia. You will stay awake during the treatment process but feel a sense of calm and any pain and anxiety will be completely erased. The system can also eliminate the need for local anesthesia in some cases. Local anesthesia can result in the treatment area feeling numb after treatment, requiring some downtime. Pro-Nox is proven in both safety and effectiveness.

When is Pro-Nox Needed?

Pro-Nox is being used in many industries to calm patients in emergency situations, during childbirth, and during cosmetic treatments. Dr. Sweat and our team utilize the Pro-Nox system to keep our cosmetic treatment patients calm and comfortable while we perform procedures. If you want to receive Botox, fillers, laser treatment, or other nonsurgical, but somewhat invasive treatments, Pro-Nox can help ease your mind and make your patient experience a positive one. In these cases, the use of Pro-Nox is completely voluntary and can be self-administered at any time during the treatment. Pro-Nox can also be used during a surgical procedure, although we might also recommend additional anesthesia.

To learn more about the Pro-Nox system, its pricing, and how to find out if you can benefit from this type of pain relief during treatment, contact our office and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sweat.

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