The BBL Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift Sacramento procedure is done under IV sedation and local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. If extensive liposuction is to be performed including multiple areas, a patient may elect for a general anesthetic.

First, excess fat will be removed using liposuction from donor areas, commonly the abdomen, back, love handles, hips, or thighs. These fat cells are processed to ensure only the most viable cells are transferred back into the buttocks for long-lasting results. Then, the processed fat is then reinjected back into the buttocks to create larger, perkier buttocks.

One of the best benefits of a BBL procedure is the dual approach it takes to helping people achieve a slim figure. Because not all the fat is expected to survive the transfer to the buttocks, we take a larger amount than needed from other areas of the body, giving you a slimmer figure in areas that matter most, which enhances the overall result from the buttock augmentation process.

Brazilian Butt Lift Results and Recovery

Following a Brazilian butt lift, patients should not sit directly on their buttocks for three weeks. This is imperative to achieving optimal and long-lasting results and allows for maximal fat survival. On average, only about 50% of the transferred fat ultimately survives, which means that the increased size of the buttocks seen immediately after surgery due to fat transfer and swelling will slowly dissipate somewhat over the next several weeks to months.

A special compression garment will need to be worn for at least two weeks, which will help to reduce swelling. Patients will need to take one to two weeks off from work, depending on if their job requires them to sit extensively. All normal activities should be able to be resumed after four to six weeks.

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Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Sweat, performs fat transfer procedures such as Brazilian butt lifts in the most up-to-date, safe, and natural-looking way. If you are interested in learning more about how the Brazilian butt lift procedure can help you achieve your ideal figure, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.