What is Juvéderm VOLUX XC?

The shape of the jawline has an extreme impact on your appearance, making jawline treatment a highly sought-after injection. Juvéderm VOLUX XC offers a one-of-a-kind treatment to address the shape of the jawline.

Juvéderm VOLUX XC is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler intended to help add definition to the jawline. Juvéderm VOLUX XC yields long-lasting results while improving the shape and structure of the jawline and chin to produce a smooth and defined lower face.

Juvéderm, the top-chosen hyaluronic acid dermal filler brand, creates this defining injectable. Juvéderm VOLUX XC is the first and only FDA-approved jawline filler on the market. This deep injection is approved for treating jawline definition, severe wrinkles, and facial folds. Individuals who have experienced loss of shape in their jawline or patients who want to enhance their natural look are great candidates for the Juvéderm VOLUX XC injectable treatment.

Who is a Candidate?

This injectable treatment is designed to improve the definition of the jawline in individuals with moderate to severe loss of jawline definition. Patients may receive Juvéderm VOLUX XC injections to address their jawline contour or the look of their jowls. Adding volume to the jawline can improve self-confidence, create a more balanced face, and smooth the lower face. This injection is approved for individuals 21 and older in generally good health. This is an ideal treatment for individuals looking to augment their jawline or chin without the invasiveness of surgery.

Individuals who have a history of allergic reactions should avoid using the product. Those with allergies related to lidocaine, hyaluronic acid, and gram-positive bacterial proteins may be allergic to the product.

This treatment is suitable for both men and women. Men may want a stronger, more chiseled, square jawline. Women may wish to have a sharper jawline and may want to decrease the look of a double chin. With Juvéderm VOLUX XC, you can create the desired look of your choice.

The Procedure

Juvéderm VOLUX XC is a gel injected into the jawline to improve the appearance and structure of the jaw. This treatment temporarily enhances the volume, adding shape and structure to your lower face.

This injectable formula is accompanied by lidocaine within the gel to decrease any discomfort you may experience from the inside out. This reduces any sensitivity you may encounter during your treatment. Your injector will use tiny needles to inject the product into your lower face. Results should emerge immediately after treatment, with full results appearing after any possible swelling has decreased.

The Results

This long-lasting treatment addresses the jawline for up to one year. Most side effects are mild, lasting up to two weeks. The most common side effects include redness, tenderness, swelling, bruising, lumps, firmness, and itchiness.

It is essential to avoid wearing makeup for twelve hours after your appointment. Patients should also avoid physical activity, exposure to sun, heat exposure, and alcohol consumption for 24 hours after treatment.

Juvéderm VOLUX XC is an exceptionally long-lasting treatment, providing up to twelve months of smoothness and long-lasting jawline shaping.

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