What is Pixel Laser Treatment?

A Pixel laser treatment is a “fractional ablative” skin resurfacing laser that primarily addresses aging and the physical signs of aging that go with it. Fractional lasers are lasers that creates tiny holes or “injuries” in the skin to trigger collagen production for a tighter and more youthful result. Fractional laser can be both ablative and non-ablative, meaning that they actually cause peeling to the skin. In this case, Pixel laser treatments are both fractional and ablative; making this treatment highly effective for the treatment of lines, wrinkles, scarring, and skin tightening.

Who is a Candidate?

A candidate for the Pixel laser is a patient who is concerned with the signs of aging that go beyond pigmentation and age spots. This laser has the ability to produce tighter, more youthful skin through the fractional treatment process, but by also shedding the outer layer of skin. This combines a peeling resurfacing treatment with a collagen stimulating treatment for a powerful result. This treatment is one of the most powerful laser treatments and it is recommended that patients exhibit some of the following signs before undergoing treatment: leathery skin, numerous wrinkles in multiple directions, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, or the presence of pre-cancerous skin growths.


Since this laser combines two methods of correction, the results can be quite powerful. Patients should expect some downtime with this laser with the potential for redness, swelling and peeling. Depending on the depth of treatment, Dr. Sweat may recommend the area to be covered with petroleum jelly or a bandage. These factors greatly impact how soon you can expect to see your final result. The new skin will take a while to form; but once it does, the result is drastically younger, fresher looking skin. Just like other laser treatments, the pixel laser treatment cannot prevent aging, but it can help reverse the effects of aging. That is why continued skin protection and health care is key.