What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a type of skin treatment that helps the skin to produce more collagen and heal itself quicker over time with the help of needles, creating “micro-injuries” on the treatment areas of the skin. The SkinPen is a microneedling device that provides a more effective method of microneedling. This treatment is minimally invasive and improves acne scars and the signs of aging. The SkinPen allows your practitioner to make uniform micro injuries using disposable needles with adjustable length to accommodate to a variety of skin types. The benefit of SkinPen is that it is more effective and safer than traditional microneedling devices such as dermal rollers.

Who is a Candidate?

One of the greatest benefits to this procedure is that patients with any type of skin and skin color can be candidates for SkinPen procedures. The SkinPen can also be used on a variety of body parts making it even more versatile. Microneedling in areas with scars or other textural, pigmentation issues will speed up the healing process using your body’s own methods for healing. Microneedling can often provide a similar improvement to lasers but without the limitation of skin color’s that can be safely treated.


The downtime associated with microneedling will completely depend on the patient’s skin and how well it tolerates the treatment. Many patients are very red/pink after the treatment which may feel similar to a sunburn. The typical downtime ranges between one to three days. During the healing time, it is recommended that you avoid makeup in order to keep the open skin as clean as possible. Patients will most likely notice healthier looking skin as soon as the redness calms down. However, the collagen benefits will continue to become evident in the following weeks. If you are undergoing a treatment series, you may have to wait six months after your last treatment to see the full effects of the microneedling.