Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia can be treated with male breast reduction surgery. The surgical technique used will depend on the cause for your enlarged breasts. If excess fatty tissue is the main cause, liposuction alone may be able to correct the issue. A thin hollow tube called a cannula will be placed through small incisions to remove the fat through suction.

In the case that excess glandular tissue is cause for your gynecomastia, the excision technique will be used. The nipple may also be repositioned. Incision patterns will vary depending on your individual condition.

A combination of both liposuction and excision techniques may also be used if fatty tissue and glandular tissue are present.


Following male breast reduction, compression garments will need to be worn to reduce swelling. If a particularly large amount of tissue is removed, drains may be required for a few days after surgery.  Most patients can return to work within 2-5 days of surgery. Strenuous activities, especially pectoral exercises, should be avoided for the first three to six weeks to ensure optimal recovery. Men can expect a significant improvement post-surgical chest contour and a boost in confidence.  Scarring is usually hidden next to the areola and will fade nicely with time.

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