What is Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer or fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure in which fat is extracted from a donor site on the patient’s body and is then reinserted (transplanted via injection) into the areas that you would want to enhance. Fat transfer can be used in a variety of areas on the body, though some areas are more amenable to this procedure than others.  Fat transfer is known to be long-lasting by patients. Fat transfer cannot be rejected or cause an allergic reaction because the fat is not a foreign substance and completely their own. The liposuction portion of the fat transfer process will be performed with a form of Tumescent Liposuction. Newer techniques like laser liposuction or ultrasonic liposuction kill the fat cells to facilitate their removal; although this is perfect for achieving body sculpting alone, fat transfer depends on the successful removal of living fat cells.

Who is a Candidate?

The purpose of fat grafting is to augment or fill in volume-deficient areas. Following this, the best candidates for natural fat transfer will desire fullness or rejuvenation in one or more of the following areas: face (including the lips), breast and buttock (for augmentation). The patient must, of course, have deposits or donor sites from which fat can be taken and should not have any circulation problems, either from a medical condition or smoking.

Fat Transfer Procedure

When performed with fat transfer in mind, tumescent liposuction is the best choice for preserving both the life and integrity of the fat cells. During the fat cell collection procedure, the tumescent fluid is slowly injected into the target area. After loosening the fat cells, the surgeon will use a back and forth motion to further separate the fat deposits while ensuring that movements are gentle enough to maintain cell integrity. Light suction is used to gently remove the combination of cells and tumescent solution; this mixture is processed to separate out the fluid and other impurities from the living cells. Lastly, the processed fat cells are injected into the area designated for augmentation. Your surgeon will inject extra fat initially to compensate for the potential reabsorption of fat cells that typically occurs after a cosmetic surgery.  The surgery itself also causes swelling, so your final result will be less than what is seen immediately after surgery.

Fat Transfer Results

After your natural fat transfer in Sacramento, the cells will slowly continue to improve the appearance of the target area as they take root by developing their own blood supply. Fat transfer delivers smooth, natural results that last as long as or, in many cases, much longer than synthetic fillers. The results are ultimately intended to be permanent. You will enjoy the slimmer, smoother profile that is expected from traditional liposuction, as well as the fuller contours created through the fat augmentation process. The liposuction will leave behind very small scars a few millimeters in length that should heal to be nearly invisible. Even better, the fat transfer procedure itself uses only a needle, delivering beautiful, scar-free results.

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