What is Jeuveau?

Jeuveau is the newest neuromodulator and botulinum toxin type A injectable for smoothing out fine lines and facial wrinkles. The formula became FDA-approved for the treatment of mild to severe frown lines between the brows and other signs of aging in the upper face. Like other neuromodulator botulinum toxin injections, Jeuveau works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals that tell the facial muscles to contract. With few facial contractions, patients can enjoy smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles when expressing themselves.

Who is a Candidate?

Candidates for the new neuromodulator injectable are those who are experiencing some of the first signs of aging, like frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet in the outer corners of the eyes, and forehead lines. These can appear as early as a person’s 20s and 30s. Jeuveau is effective for treating dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that are worsened by facial expressions like laughing and frowning. Many patients choose Jeuveau when they do not require a surgical procedure yet. Others choose an injectable like Jeuveau to prolong the results of a previous procedure or treatment or prevent future signs of aging from occurring. The formula is safe to combine with other injectables and facial treatments for optimal results. Candidates must be 18 years or older to choose Jeuveau. Dr. Sweat can ensure that the formula is right for you during a consultation in Sacramento, CA.

The Treatment Process

To begin treatment, the skin will be cleansed and prepped with topical numbing cream. Several injection points around the eyes, brows, and forehead will then be mapped out. A small amount of the Jeuveau formula will then be placed under the skin using a thin needle. This process is relatively pain-free and quick, taking about 20 minutes to complete. Most patients tolerate the procedure very well.

How Does Jeuveau Work?

Jeuveau is a neuromodulator that works using purified botulinum toxin, the same active ingredient in Botox injections—for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as “Newtox.” Once injected, Jeuveau blocks nerve receptors in the muscles, causing them to no longer receive nerve signals and relax. This prevents patients from making more extreme facial expressions, softening dynamic wrinkles, and preventing them from growing deeper over time. With proper injection techniques, you can still freely express yourself, but the wrinkles will be less noticeable. Jeuveau results typically last about four months.

Jeuveau Treatment Areas

Jeuveau is most commonly used to treat glabellar lines, more commonly known as forehead lines. These wrinkles are found just about the eyebrows and run horizontally. Frown lines may also refer to the deep vertical lines between the eyebrows, which are also called the “elevens.” Dr. Sweat may also suggest Jeuveau when treating other dynamic wrinkles throughout the forehead and around the eyes, though another neuromodulator option like Botox may be preferred for certain areas. Wrinkles that do not worsen when you make facial expressions, especially in the cheeks or mouth area, are typically better treated with hyaluronic acid fillers. During a consultation, Dr. Sweat will recommend the best possible treatment option for you, including the best areas for Jeuveau injections.


After treatment with Jeuveau, patients can return to their daily activities and work with no required downtime or recovery. Some mild swelling, bruising, and redness can be expected in the targeted areas in the first few hours. To avoid excess swelling, patients should avoid strenuous exercise for the first 12 hours after treatment.

The effects of Jeuveau can be seen as soon as 2-3 days after treatment. The final results of Jeuveau can be expected after 7-10 days. After this time, patients can enjoy fewer facial lines and wrinkles for a younger, more rejuvenated appearance. These results can last anywhere from 3-6 months before a touch-up session is needed. Results will vary from person to person depending on the individual and the specific area treated.

To learn more about Jeuveau or the other injectable treatment options we offer, contact our office and schedule your consultation in Sacramento, CA.

Jeuveau vs. Botox

While Botox and Jeuveau contain the same active ingredient, there are some differences between the two products. Botox was the first option, receiving approval for cosmetic use in 2002. Jeuveau was released later, which is why it is referred to as “Newtox.”

Botox is FDA-approved to treat glabellar lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet, and horizontal forehead lines. Jeuveau, however, is only FDA-approved for glabellar lines but may occasionally be used off-label.

Both products use botulinum toxin to temporarily paralyze muscles, but the formulation between the two products varies slightly. Some patients may respond more favorably to Jeuveau, while others may prefer their results from Botox.

Finally, there is a small difference in cost. Jeuveau is a less expensive option, so many patients opt for this product, especially if they are just starting out with injectables.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to decide between two similar products if you are new to neuromodulators. During a consultation, Dr. Sweat will recommend which he thinks may be best for you, depending on your specific concerns, budget, and other factors.

Jeuveau Recovery

There is no downtime required after Jeuveau injections, but you may see some side effects. These are temporary and mild, but may include bruising, redness, tenderness, or headache. You may also see some slight temporary swelling at the injection site. These side effects should resolve themselves shortly after you receive your injections. While you can return to your normal routine, you should avoid strenuous activity, as this can cause bleeding or bruising. It is also important to avoid touching the area so you do not spread the product to any unintended areas of the face. Dr. Sweat will give you specific instructions after you receive your injections.


What much does Jeuveau cost?

The cost of Jeuveau is similar to other neuromodulator injectables like Botox or Dysport. The cost of your Jeuveau treatment will depend on the amount needed and the number of areas being treated. Dr. Sweat will go over the price of your treatment in more detail during your consultation.

How does Jeuveau compare to Botox?

Jeuveau and Botox are both neuromodulator injectables that work by temporarily blocking muscle contractions. Both have proven to be safe and effective. The formula that is best for you will depend on your specific concerns and preferences. Dr. Sweat can meet with you to determine which formula is right for your signs of aging.

How many injections will I need?

The number of injections of Jeuveau that you need will depend on the severity of your facial lines and their location. You can expect several injections to be required around the forehead and brow areas.  One treatment session can give you results, but to maintain youthful looking skin, follow up sessions are recommended several times a year. Dr. Sweat will discuss your treatment plan to give you an idea of how many injections you can expect during your treatment.