What is Juvéderm Voluma® XC?

As we age, we lose not just the collagen in the skin, but also the volume of fat and tissue in the face. Fat cells are anatomically separated in the face and some of these fat deposits will wither or sag over time due to increased skin laxity and the aging process. The combination of volume loss and drooping of facial tissue can result in deep facial wrinkles and folds under the eyes, extending onto the cheekbone, an area also known as the tear troughs. This process accentuates the aging of the midface and also leads to the deepening of wrinkles such as parenthesis lines, frown lines, and laugh lines.

Prior to the introduction of Voluma, it was common practice to use dermal fillers to plump the facial wrinkles themselves, which often leads to an unnatural, overly-filled appearance of the lower face around the mouth and nose. To avoid this, Voluma can be injected deep into the tissue of the midface to add volume that has been lost and lift the fat pads that have dropped to form deep nasolabial lines.

If you are starting to notice volume loss in your cheekbone area and would like to recover higher cheekbones, Juvéderm Voluma is a minimally invasive injectable treatment that can restore lost volume. Juvéderm Voluma has a hyaluronic acid base, similar to the hyaluronic acid naturally produced by the body. However, the thicker formulation of Voluma is designed to be injected deep near the bone, and since it is thicker than other dermal fillers, it is more slowly absorbed by the body and can last for 18-24 months. The XC in the name means that lidocaine has been added to the formula for increased comfort during and after injection.

Voluma works by filling in volume loss that leads to tear troughs and bagging of the lower lids which results in a refreshed, younger appearance without the downtime, expense, and recovery of surgery.

Who is a Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

The ideal candidate for Juvéderm Voluma XC would be a patient who is looking to correct the volume loss that occurs with age or that may be part of a younger patient’s normal anatomy. For patients who have early aging of the lower eyelids with minor bags under the eyes and elongated lower lids, which happens during the aging process, Voluma can be a safe, simple, and quick solution to reshape the lower lids and cheekbones. The patient may also be interested in adding a more defined cheek contour for better facial symmetry.

Injectable fillers are a great option for those looking for a subtle, temporary improvement to their facial contour issues. Many people will start to manifest the signs of volume loss in their late 30s and early 40s, but there is no right or wrong age at which Voluma can be used. Voluma can also be used for volume correction in other areas of the face and body, such as strengthening the jawline or chin, or correcting volume loss in the temples. However, if you have severe facial volume loss and skin laxity that creates jowls and bands in the neck, you may be better served by a plastic surgery procedure, such as with a facelift or neck lift.

Results of Voluma XC

With injectable fillers, results will vary from patient to patient depending on the amount used and where it is used. In general, the result of Juvéderm Voluma XC injections is fuller cheeks with a more pronounced, natural-looking contour by adding symmetry and plumpness to the upper face.

The procedure is relatively quick and surprisingly painless since there are minimal nerve endings deep in the face where the product is placed. Bruising tends to be minimal, usually only occurring at the treatment area, although if the product is placed close to the tear trough area, more extensive bruising is possible. Injectables can be made even more comfortable by applying a topical anesthetic prior to injection of Voluma.

When deciding to get Juvéderm Voluma, you may opt for a more minimal amount at first to see what that result looks like on you. Although filler can be removed, it’s best to build onto the initial treatment to make sure you do not end up looking “overdone.” As opposed to Botox, in which the treatment should be maximized in a single session, dermal fillers can always be added to at any time, though Dr. Sweat and his injectors usually recommend allowing a couple of weeks between treatments to allow for swelling to resolve and the product to “settle” into place.

Juvederm Voluma For the Chin

Juvéderm Voluma® XC has also been approved for use in the chin region. It is the first dermal filler that can be used in this area of the face. This provides a great alternative to chin implants for those who only want a small change and who want to avoid an invasive chin augmentation procedure. The chin is an important part of balancing your facial structure. Adding volume to this area can enhance your overall look and give more definition to your face.  With the help of this injectable treatment, your chin can look fuller for up to 18-24 months.

Voluma and Injectables in Sacramento, CA

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and affordable way to fill out your cheeks and remove deep facial wrinkles, Juvederm Voluma may be right for you. This non-surgical wrinkle treatment is expertly injected under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Sweat’s injector professionals. To find out if Voluma or other filler products are right to help you achieve temporary facial rejuvenation, contact us by calling (916) 400-0822 or filling out our online form.