One of the main principles of plastic surgery it is to remove excess skin and tighten various areas of the body as much as possible.  However, the tight pull on the skin is translated to the incision and incisions that heal with excessive tension tend to result in a scar that is either thicker or wider than desired.  Embrace is a scar treatment and therapy system that is effective in treating surgical scars from plastic surgery procedures since it is designed to off-load the tension from a scar with the hope of healing with a finer, more hairline scar. Embrace consists of a medicated silicone patch that helps stabilize, treat and heal surgical scars. The silicone sheet helps reduce the tension that exists for a healing scar, which can also cause it to have a warped appearance. The result is a lighter scar, that is also thinner and less visible, even though most all scars are placed in an area designed to be hidden in low cut bikinis or underwear if possible.


Biocorneum is a silicone gel scar treatment that contains SPF that provides and protective barrier over the scar while also treating scar pigmentation. The protective gel adheres to the skin for 12-24 hours, protecting from the sun and other elements that may prevent the scar from healing properly. Protecting scars from sun exposure is the best way to prevent a new scar from getting darker during the healing process.  The silicone in the gel helps to provide a moist environment which keeps the scar better hydrated for a softer scar with less redness in appearance.


SENTÉ was founded by scientists and is the first and only product line in the aesthetic market that contains patented Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA) technology. HSA is a bioengineered, modified form of the skin’s naturally produced heparan sulfate.

Heparan sulfate is a moisture binder and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water. This molecule plays a critical role in the health, aging and wound healing of the skin. It is also considered an “intelligent molecule” because it has the ability to respond to the skin’s needs.

Senté also harnesses the power of retinol, peptides, and antioxidants to maximize the therapeutic benefits of the line.

Senté products are very lightweight due to the molecular structure which also allows it to penetrate deep into the skin.

Who is a candidate?

Any and all skin types will find Senté to be a rewarding product line. It is essential in hydrating and repairing stressed and damaged skin. Whether you are looking for a whole new skin care routine or just need a few products to fill in the gaps of an existing routine, Senté has something for you.


Because Senté ’s HSA molecule has a smaller size, it can deliver results as fast as 2 weeks (hydration) and significantly improving the appearance of wrinkles, sagginess, and pigmentation between 4-8 weeks.