What are GalaFLEX & Strattice?

GalaFLEX and Strattice are both reconstructive tissue matrices that are used to reinforce soft tissue after an injury or surgical repair. The surgical scaffolds provide a lattice for new tissue to grow into, replacing the material with natural tissue and long-lasting strength. GalaFLEX and Strattice come in different shapes depending on the size and exact location they are being used in. 

How do GalaFLEX & Strattice Work?

During reconstructive surgery, a GalaFLEX scaffold or a Strattice tissue matrix can be placed under the skin and muscle. After surgery, the tissue matrix will remain in place, and the body’s healing process will begin. New collagen and natural tissue fibers will then begin to grow through the spaces within the tissue matrix. 

Results of GalaFLEX & Strattice

After reconstruction with GalaFLEX and Strattice tissue matrix, the tissue regeneration process will be a gradual one. Over time, the tissue matrix will be absorbed, and the body’s own natural, vascularized tissue will take its place. This allows for instant support to the tissue, and long-term repair with a predictable outcome. 

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