What is Revision?

Revision Skincare was founded to change professional skincare and the results that can be achieved. They believe that glowing, youthful-looking skin can be accomplished without compromising the long-term health of it.

Revision products are validated by physicians, and they serve skincare professionals around the world to help you.


Who is a candidate?

Revision Skincare has a product for everyone. Through generations of innovation, they generate clinically-validated results and accomplish superior efficacy while taking care of long-term skin through the use of skincare solutions that address multiple pathways of the visible signs of aging, peptides to deliver powerful and tolerable results, a skin neutral pH that mimics your own skin’s pH levels, microbiome technology which balances and promotes healthy skin, and synergistic usage that’s designed with compatibility in mind. With these formulation principles, you’re a candidate for Revision skincare products.

Industry Pioneer

Revision Skincare, since it’s founding, has been a groundbreaking innovator using the newest technology in the industry.

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