What is a Skin Evaluation?

We offer all patients interested in skincare products or services a skin evaluation to guide the patient to the right skin procedure for addressing their skin concerns. J. Sweat Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of skin care treatments, and we understand it can be difficult to identify which one is right for you. Dr. Sweat and his staff will discuss your skincare concerns with you and get a good understanding of what your aesthetic goals are. From there, we assess your skin, give you personalized skincare recommendations, and help you build a customized skincare routine.

What Skin Concerns Can Be Addressed?

During your visit, Dr. Sweat and his staff will look for a variety of unique characteristics and skin conditions during your personalized skin assessment such as:

  • Skin texture
  • Hyperpigmentation (dark spots) of any kind
  • Dark circles
  • Broken capillaries, rosacea which can cause redness
  • Enlarged or clogged pores
  • Sun damage
  • Visible signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Scarring
  • Acne
  • Volume loss to the face or skin laxity

Skincare We Offer

After we examine your skin, we will recommend a variety of skincare products and treatments we offer at J. Sweat Plastic Surgery.

Some of the products we offer include physician-grade skin products from Embrace, SkinMedica, Bicorneum, and Dermavance. We also offer skincare lines from Revision, Elta MD, and Jane Iredale.

Beyond skincare, we also offer a number of treatments, including hydrafacials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, facials, and microneedling.

If you are bothered by a skin condition or a skin characteristic you have, contact J. Sweat Plastic Surgery to set up a skincare evaluation today.