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Tummy Tuck: Why More Men Are Electing to Have the Procedure Done

Tummy Tuck: Why More Men Are Electing to Have the Procedure Done

Tummy Tuck: Why More Men Are Electing to Have the Procedure Done

The tummy tuck was once the domain of women looking to remove excess skin, strengthen their abdominal muscles, and regain their pre-pregnancy figure. But more recently, the tummy tuck has become popular among men looking to feel more confident about their bodies. A tummy tuck can benefit men looking to return to an athletic figure without sagging or excess skin.

What Does a Tummy Tuck Do?

Choosing a tummy tuck is the perfect way to return your body to its former athletic shape. An abdominoplasty, better known as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess skin or stubborn pockets of fat and tighten the abdominal muscles, helping you gain a more athletic and muscular figure.

Why Are More Men Having Tummy Tucks?

There are many reasons why more men are having, including changing perceptions about who plastic surgery is for, a bigger spotlight on physical wellness and appearance on television and social media, and how appearance has been shown to help with career opportunities. Men have seen these trends and decided to learn more about how they can look their absolute best, and that includes having a tummy tuck.

Is A Tummy Tuck For Men Different From One For Women?

The incisions and techniques used to complete a tummy tuck are similar for men and women. The main differences are based on what men are often looking for and how it compares to what women want when they come in for a tummy tuck. Every patient coming in for this procedure at J. Sweat Plastic Surgery receives an individual treatment plan designed to meet their needs.

Most men hope to achieve more definition around their midsection. To achieve those results, Dr. Sweat often uses a straight incision compared to the sweeping one used for many women coming in for this procedure. Additionally, men are usually looking for results that enhance their abdominal muscles, while women are typically looking for a flatter, more toned stomach.

What Can Be Achieved with a Tummy Tuck?

After a tummy tuck, you’ll notice you have a more toned midsection. Your clothes may fit better, and after recovery, you may find workouts are easier now that your abdominal muscles are tightened and strengthened. Whether you have loose skin or weakened muscles due to weight loss or aging, a tummy tuck can ensure the loose skin and excess fat are removed, and you achieve a more athletic figure and more toned abdominal area. A tummy tuck also tends to improve your core strength, which can reduce back pain and improve your posture overall.

Schedule A Consultation

Are you ready to achieve the body you’ve always wanted? A tummy tuck can be a great solution. Start your journey today by scheduling a consultation at J. Sweat Plastic Surgery. Dr. Sweat will listen to your concerns, answer any questions you have, and build a customized treatment plan that will help you achieve your goals. Call our Sacramento, CA office at (916) 400-0822 or use our online contact form.

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