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Ten of the Best Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Ten of the Best Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Ten of the Best Tummy Tuck Recovery Tips

Tummy tucks are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the United States. They help remove excess skin and fat, reduce stretch marks, and strengthen separated abdominal muscles. Many people undergo this procedure knowing they will need to take time off their normal activities to recover and heal. However, many tummy tuck patients don’t realize how a few simple tummy tuck recovery tips can make a difference in their overall healing process. Here are several of the best tummy tuck recovery tips you should consider.

1. Get a Toilet Seat Booster

If you had a full tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck surgery, chances are there will be some time when you will be in pain while trying to use the toilet. A toilet seat booster may help alleviate pain by allowing you to not have to squat all the way down.

2. Get a Walker or Cane

As a tummy tuck patient, walking will be difficult at first during recovery because you cannot stand up straight for several days. A good idea for helping you get up and around would be getting a walker or cane that can assist you in walking. Not everyone will need this help, but it might not hurt.

3. Use an Adjustable Binder

When recovering from a tummy tuck surgery, you’ll need to wear a compression garment to help protect the incisions and abdominal muscles and reduce swelling. There are simple binders and adjustable ones; adjustable might be the better choice due to its ability to change the amount of compression without having to switch to a looser garment.

4. Find Ways to Manage Nausea and Vomiting

Post-op, you may suffer from nausea and vomiting. This is to be expected, and it is something that you can easily prevent by taking some over-the-counter medication or contacting your doctor. Ask Dr. Sweat about ways to reduce nausea prior to your surgery for the best advice.

5. Wear Compression Stockings

Your doctor might recommend you wear compression stockings in addition to your abdominal binder when you are recovering from your tummy tuck procedure. This will ensure you have a speedier recovery and prevent blood clots, pain, and discomfort.

6. Manage Pain Using Pain Relievers and Icing

Make sure you take the pain medication your doctor prescribed for you as directed when you feel discomfort or pain. In addition, icing parts of your surgical sites can help reduce inflammation and swelling as needed during the first few weeks post-op.

7. Sleep Using a Recliner or Adjustable Bed

If you have undergone an abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, or any other surgery, you will be required to sleep sitting at an angle rather than flat on your back or side. This ensures that your spine is at the right angle and that you don’t move too much while sleeping, which can damage or strain your incisions and affect the recovery process.

8. Bathe Regularly

You may think you are fine without taking a shower, especially since you need to protect your incisions, but all you are doing is making yourself more susceptible to infection. Dr. Sweat will give you advice on how to take a shower or bath at least once per day to reduce bacteria and prevent infection.

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Sacramento

If you are thinking of getting a tummy tuck procedure in the future, being prepared for your recovery is a great way to ensure you meet your expectations and you’re an informed candidate for surgery. Learn more about this procedure and your options by setting up a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Sweat at J. Sweat Plastic Surgery. Get the conversation started by calling or contacting us online today.

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