CoolSculpting Candidates Guide: 5 Ways To Know

CoolSculpting Candidates Guide: 5 Ways To Know

CoolSculpting Candidates Guide: 5 Ways To Know

Imagine finding out the best procedure to eliminate your body fat without surgery or downtime. Thankfully, such a procedure does exist! CoolSculpting is an effective, scientifically proven method of permanently reducing fat by freezing fat cells. It is the most proven and safest non-surgical contouring technology available today. To get the best possible results from this procedure, you have to be an ideal candidate.

1. Do you have Pinchable Fat?

The CoolSculpting procedure involves suction handpieces to aim at pinchable fat found above the muscle wall. CoolSculpting treatments target subcutaneous fat, which is one type of fat that is in the body. The other fat is visceral fat that lies below the muscle walls and should not be targeted by CoolSculpting, as it is connected with many health issues. It is amicable to weight loss, and if you are targeting it, you should invest in other procedures, not CoolSculpting.

2. Are you Looking to Spot-treat an Area?

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss option but a body-contouring procedure. The approved clearance for most bodies includes a BMI below thirty and a double chin BMI of below forty-three. However, BMI alone doesn’t always matter. If you have a BMI of over thirty, but you are happy with your body and weight, but you are looking to eradicate concerned areas like upper arms, chin, or bra line, CoolSculpting is the best option. It also acts as a catalyst for weight loss as many clients find it easy to lose weight after the procedure results begin to show.

3. Do you Notice Fat or Skin?

Now that you have pinchable fat, it is sure you are not aiming at losing weight but rather fat reduction. To be sure it is not skin you are noticing, you need pinchable fat of about one inch to get better results from CoolSculpting. The procedure entails fat reduction and some skin.

If you do not know if you have pinchable fat or skin, schedule a free consultation with an expert.

4. Is there a CoolSculpting Applicator that Fits Your Needs?

Going for the right applicator will lead to tremendous results. The reason for this is because the suitable applicator ensures sufficient contact with the CoolSculpting device’s cooling plates. Over five CoolSculpting devices perform overlap treatments for better results, though they are not used in treating the same areas.

5. Do you Need Time before Seeing Results?

CoolSculpting results take time to show. An ideal candidate for the procedure needs to have at least three to six months before seeing the result. Some clients have two to four treatment sessions to achieve their goals, which means they have to plan for their treatment early.

Schedule a Consultation

CoolSculpting is a procedure that needs thorough planning and preparation. You cannot accomplish it alone without the help of experts. Schedule a consultation with our certified CoolSculpting technicians at J. Sweat Plastic Surgery to learn more about the procedure and some expectations after the treatment.

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