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Can I Get Laser Hair Removal At The End of Summer?

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal At The End of Summer?

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal At The End of Summer?

Laser hair removal treatment is an attractive option for individuals who want smooth skin without stubble, shaving, and ingrown hair. The laser energy can be used all over the body to damage the hair follicles and remove unwanted hair on the face, arms, legs, and more. Proper planning for your laser hair removal can give excellent end results. Here are some reasons that the end of summer is the perfect time to begin your complete hair removal journey.

Get Prepared For Next Year

Even though the end of summer is too late for this year, it’s perfect for getting a jump on next year. When undergoing laser hair removal, it will inevitably require multiple treatments per treatment area to ensure we’re targeting the hair and hair follicle at every stage of the hair growth cycle.

Each session must be spaced six to ten weeks apart to ensure proper healing between treatments. That means late summer through fall and winter are an ideal opportunity to get started in time to look your best for next summer season.

Take Advantage Of Less-Tanned Skin

Darker skin absorbs more of the heat given off by lasers. In the heat of summer, your skin may be tanned. If this is the case, your doctor would have to turn down the intensity of the laser light while treating you. This means it will take more sessions to reach the same goal. Doing treatments in fall and winter when you have less-tanned skin can help you save time and money by needing fewer sessions to look your best.

You Can Avoid Excess Sun Exposure

Laser hair removal treatments can make the skin quite sensitive to sun exposure. It is important that those who are currently undergoing laser treatment to eliminate unwanted hair avoid excess sun exposure or tanning for at least a month after treatment sessions. Getting too much sun too quickly after treatment may cause the skin to become discolored or damaged. If you choose the end of summer and beyond to begin your laser hair removal, the sun is less strong, and it will be easy to give your skin time to heal. You also won’t feel like you are missing out on quality fun time because the summer festivities are all over.

The Process Is Worth It

The process of laser hair removal may seem long, but it is worthwhile. People find that it enhances their confidence and quality of life. Having smooth skin and less hair from reduction can make you feel so much better. When it comes time to end your hair removal journey, you’ll be able to wear any outfit or swimwear you choose with no worries about needing to shave.

Schedule a Consultation

Laser hair removal can be considered an investment in yourself. After your laser treatments are complete, you will never again need to worry about removing unwanted hair with shaving, waxing, or tweezing, and you won’t have to deal with irritated skin, ingrown hairs, or stubble hair.

If you are in the Sacramento area and considering laser hair removal, contact Dr. Jeffrey Sweat and his team at J. Sweat Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.

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