PRP Shot for Improved Sexual Function

PRP Shot for Improved Sexual Function

PRP Shot for Improved Sexual Function

Men and women who are feeling as if their sexual function needs a boost can now turn to PRP shots for a natural solution. PRP injections can treat female sexual disorder, female orgasmic disorder, and low sexual desire, as well as urinary incontinence and dyspareunia (pain during sex). PRP injections can also be used to treat male erectile dysfunction, as well as Peyronies diseases.

How Does It Work?

During both treatments, a small amount of blood is taken, and then placed into a centrifuge which will separate the concentrated platelets, or PRP, from the rest of the blood. PRP offers a healing response by releasing growth and regeneration factors. PRP also causes a rapid increase in stem cells, which can transform into any type of tissue that needs repair, which makes it a very versatile treatment able to address many different areas of the body.

PRP shot is a simple, in-office procedure during which the patient’s own PRP is injected into the vagina, clitoris, and G-spot for women, and into various areas in the penis for men. Before the injection, topical anesthetic will be used to numb the treatment area, and very thin needles are used, so the experience is virtually painless for both men and women. There is also no downtime needed, which means patients can return to work or their everyday activities right away. Patients are also free to have sexual intercourse the same day of the treatment.


Following the PRP shot, women will be able to enjoy improved sensation during sexual intercourse, as well as an increase in vaginal orgasms. Treatment can last up to 18 months, though more frequent treatments can also be done.

Men will be able to enjoy improved sexual function and sensitivity. Treatments should be repeated every three months for optimal results. Once your desired outcome is reached, just one treatment a year is needed to maintain results.

Are you looking to improve your sexual function, but don’t have the time to undergo lengthy treatments? If so, the PRP shot may be for you! Contact our Sacramento office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sweat to begin your journey towards a more confident you.

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